MP Logistics Ltd provide complete bespoke labelling systems to match or improve the demands of your manufacturing and distribution processes.

Our strength lies in bespoke solutions which meet your organisations precise business needs , these solutions include labelling applicators, unique label/ card stacking systems or both rewind and unwind systems which will ensure that you achieve maximum performance throughout your labelling processes.

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Label Applicators

Arca Easy
Arca Dynamic
Arca Evolution

Label and Card Stacker

Label Unwinders and Rewinders

Label Applicators

Label Applicator supplied by MPL

Arca Easy

Arca Dynamic

Arca Evolution

Our range of label applicators provide unsurpassed performance for automatic labelling. They apply labels at a rate from 60 labels up to 800 labels per minute. They store up to 100 label programs allowing the memorisation of different settings: pre-dispensing, labelling speed, labelling point(application delay) complete with modern day technology including application rate, batch count, product filters and mush more.

The control package provides different authorisation levels which are password protected as well as Multilanguage menu (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Whatever your application our range of label applicators will provide the solution.


Card Stacker

MP Logistics Ltd supply a range of unique and flexible stacker systems specifically designed to work to with thermal transfer printers providing a high quality solution to label, card or ticket printing and sorting applications for any distribution operation.

The systems ensure that your sorting processes operate at maximum performance not only increasing production but also providing significant operational cost savings.

Please contact us to discuss how these systems can increase the performance of your sorting and picking processes.

Label Unwinders and Rewinders


The Standard Rewinder can be right or left and it is possible to choose between two different options of speed: 120 rpm or 225prm. It can handle labels upto 210 mm wide and it can rewind rolls or labels with diameter up to 300 mm. It is possible to choose between two different types of core holder: the adjustable core holder from 46 mm upto 118mm or the core holder of 1 inch. It is possible to add a second optional support for heavy rolls.


The Unwinder is positioned behind the printer in case the printer does not include a place big enough to store the roll of labels. The Standard Motorised Unwinder can be right or left and it is possible to choose between two different options of speed: 120 rpm or 225prm. It can handle labels upto 210 mm wide and it can unwind rolls or labels with diameter up to 300 mm.


In case that you want to use an unwinder together with a rewinder. A left unwinder has to be matched with a right rewinder - a right unwinder has to matched with a left rewinder.

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MPL Card Stacker

At Hallmark we had struggled for years to ensure consistent and high quality ticket printing, this was addressed with the introduction of the new line of printers from MP Logistics. The implementation was smooth and involved a high level of testing to ensure the printers met the speed and quality requirements of the Hallmark operation. As the tickets produced are sent direct to the customer with crucial information it was paramount that we had the consistency of print.

The savings made on the introduction of the printers have been mainly from the reduction in waste and reprinting of substandard tickets.

The units were modified to meet the operational task and allow a quick sort of the next stage in the process, this has led to a reduction in the direct workforce to that area of 25%. We take great pride in the appearance and upkeep of the printers and their consumable parts which has led to a large reduction in the on-going cost of repair.

Chris Fothergill
Distribution Manager
Hallmark Cards Plc