The quality of the label on your product often indicates to a consumer what quality they can expect from the goods within.

Using poor quality thermal printer ribbons can lead to bad print quality, unreadable bar codes, and shortened print head life.

MP Logistics work with the world´s leading ribbon manufacturers to bring you the very best quality ribbons, either manufacturer branded or 1st rate compatibles.


Ribbons come in a range of grades.

We can help you select the correct ribbon.

Each label material reacts differently to different thermal ribbons. We supply FREE OF CHARGE samples for testing. Try before you buy, peace of mind as standard.

Please Contact us or look at the MPL Store.

Ribbon Grades

  • Wax (general use)
  • Wax/resin (smearless)
  • Resin (scratch/solvent resistant)
  • Wash care resistant
  • BS5609 Haz-Chem

Ribbons available for the following printer manufacturers models

  • Citizen
  • Toshiba TEC
  • Zebra/Eltron
  • Datamax
  • Avery Dennison
  • Novexx
  • Intermec
  • Sato
  • & many more

Black as standard!

Other colours available

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • brown
  • yellow
  • white
  • plus more on request

Up to 20% Improvement In Consumable Cost Per Page

P7000 ribbon

The cartridge ribbon does more with less, yielding a longer print life and more uniform quality than previous generation line matrix spool ribbons. The cartridge ribbon is easier and cleaner to use and requires no special user technical skills which reduces labour costs. Compared to laser technology, line matrix offers far better environmental advantages by producing less waste

Clean and Convenient

Printronix cartridge ribbons provide clean and convenient handling for your printer consumables: no special training and reduced down time. The cartridge ribbon operates in a mobius loop, meaning the ribbon is regularly flipped during operation utilizing both sides of the ribbons. The result is more uniform print quality and a substantial increase in ribbon life. A range of cartridge ribbons offer customers the choice of matching their printing supplies to their volume of printing and budget.

Standard Life

These ribbons offer a low purchase price per cartridge plus the convenience of ordering in smaller quantities for moderate use requirements. This ribbon is ideal for average use customers in banking, retail, logistics and other distributed printing environments. This ribbon works on the 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 LPM models.

Extended Life

These ribbons offer the lowest total cost of printing, longest ribbon life and fewer user interventions. This ribbon is designed for higher-use customers