The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) provides a harmonised basis for globally uniform physical, environmental and health and safety information on hazardous chemical substances and mixtures. In its Plan of Implementation, adopted in Johannesburg on 4 September 2002, the World Summit on Sustainable Development encouraged countries to implement the harmonised system as soon as possible, with a view to reach a full operational state by 2008. The European Commission and the EU Member States endorsed the UN recommendation to implement the GHS in domestic law. The recommendation was also supported by stakeholders from industry and non-governmental organisations. The publication of the adopted acts in the Official Journal before the end of 2008 makes the EU one of the international leaders in the actual uptake of the UN GHS.
GHS Label

Whether you are an SME or large corporation we will, by using expertise and tools adapted to your specific needs, assist you to fulfil your regulatory responsibilities.

Our objective is to fulfi l your desire to ensure the safe use of your chemicals. We can provide the tailored solutions for your particular needs. With communication changing dramatically, we are partners in that change for you to stay competitive.

We strongly believe that “safe use” is more than “being in compliance”. Safe use is about accountability, the right behaviour and attitude.

  • • European level · REACH / CLP / GHS / Product safety law · 2015 is CLP deadline for formulations
  • • Member state level · Exposure limits · Pictograms · Languages
  • • Industry specific constraints · Sector specific Blacklists
  • • Customer expectations· Suppliers to take care of these issues
  • • Competitive pressure· Same level of support as given by the big 4
GHS Label with I+K GHS Software
  • • Single data entry, to ensure compliant & consistent:
  • · (Extended) Safety Data Sheets
  • · Worker safe use instructions
  • · Use and transport labels
  • • Use of standard phrases
  • • Intelligent data processing Modular approach, customised to your business requirements
  • • Automatic incorporation of European and member state requirements
  • • Stand alone or integrated with other systems, e.g. SAP
  • • System automatically maintained up to date
  • • Security of data

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The Software

I+K GHS Software Website

The Labels

MPL GHS Labels

The Hardware

CAB GHS Printer
OKI GHS Printers
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The Software

I+K established in 1993

Specialists in development of software for the managed compliance of:

  • Safety data sheets
  • Labels (use & transport)
  • Worker instructions
  • Transport emergency cards

Offers a complete document management service

Distribution of SDSs and labels via SAFIN.NET with maintenance of records


The Labels

Whilst our customers have different requirements and processes, one thing is the same: labels are essential in the day to day running of their business. Without a label, goods can’t be despatched, products can’t be identified and items can not be sold. Labels are critical to ensuring that your businesses work.

MPL GHS Labels

CAB Printer

Cab XC4-XC6 GHS Printer

The CAB XC4 and XC6 printers hold 2 printheads allowing both black and colour print simultaneously using ribbon save.

GHS Compliant Labels – Deadline June 2015

The XC-series is a perfect solution for the criteria of the new classification and labelling obligations for chemicals according to GHS standards. These standards will mainly affect chemical suppliers, manufacturers, users as well as testing laboratories. The XC series printer would make printing the two-tone black and red precautionary symbols easy!

CAB GHS Printer

OKI Printers

OKI GHS Laser PrinterOKI GHS Laser Printer

OKI Printers are approved to print colour Global Harmonisation System (GHS) chemical hazard labels to IMDG specification BS5609.

Our range of approved colour printers and labels, can print all of your chemical hazard labels without the expense of purchasing a separate, specialist thermal label printer. An OKI printer provides a cost effective end-to-end label printing solution as well as handling all of your general printing including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

OKI GHS Printers